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Top Five Wednesday – Top 5 Bad Asses!

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Welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday The topic for this week is Top 5 Bad Asses.

This week’s topic is going to be so much fun, let’s jump right in shall we?

Aiden T5W

 Aiden St Delphi – Covenant Series

Aiden has been a Bad Asses from book one in this series and the best part is his character knows it. Aiden is the epitome of the Sexy Silent Badass.


 Four – Divergent Series  

Four may seem like a strange choice as he is a silent badass but this is what makes him so Badass, he doesn’t NEED to do anything and people are naturally wary of him. His character like Aiden from the Covenant series is the epitome of the Sexy, Silent Badass.

Katniss T5W

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games

Does this one really need an explanation?  “I volunteer as tribute”

Issy T5W

Isabelle Lightwood – The mortal Instruments

Isabelle was one of my favourite characters in the TMI series because this girl is amazing, she kicks ass better than the boys and she looks damn good while doing it. BADASS.

Aelin T5W

Celaena Sardothian / Aelin Throne of Glass Series

I think my number one choice for top Bad Asses was oblivious to anyone who reads here often. Celaena AKA Aelin from the Throne of Glass series is the ultimate female badass, just like Isabelle she kicks ass better than the boys and looks good doing it. Plus she is an assassin you can’t get any more badass then that!

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