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Welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday The topic for this week is Top 5 Summer Covers.

** This is last weeks Top 5 Wednesday’s post!! I had know for a while last week was going to be hectic as I was going to be working Five 12 hour shifts in a row at work, so in preparation for my busy week I typed this post up early and set it to go live on Wednesday as normal. However as you guys will know that didn’t happen and I have no idea why it did not go live.  All I can do is apologise for the delay and hope you guys don’t mind a very late post. Quinn x x x **

The Kiss of Deception


Now I live in the UK we don’t tend to get a lot of hot weather, so my choice of The Kiss of Deception may seem a little strange but keep in mind rain in the summer here is very normal lol. This cover reminds me of warm summer afternoons during a down pour.

Into the Still Blue (UK Edition)


The cover of Into the Still Blue reminds me of of being on holiday (Vacation) taking a afternoon stroll down the beat


t5w Awaken

I chose Awaken purely because of the pretty flowers inside the jar, they remind me of picking flowers as a child while out exploring.

My life Next Door


The reason I chose My Life Next Door is simply because it reminds me of teenage summer romances.

Ignite me


When I first found out this weeks topic Ignite me was the first book I thought of, its full of colour, flowers and visually is what I see when I think of summer.

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