The Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda Salisbury


This book was an impulse purchase. I almost never buy a book on impulse unless it is a cheap eBook but when I heard the summary I just HAD to have this book.

Am I happy I made an impulse purchase?……………..Simple answer YES.

The Sin Eaters Daughter is a high Fantasy story that follows Twylla, who as the Goddess embodied, instantly kills anyone she touches.

Twylla is an interesting choice for a main character because unlike the usual YA female protagonists Twylla isn’t a badass, she is extremely “normal”.  At the start of the book I found Twylla quiet bland, a little pathetic and very easily manipulated. Her character development however is fantastic, she transforms throughout the book and it is this transformation that makes her a more realistic and like able character.

For me one of the most important aspects of a fantasy novel is the world building and the world building in this book is gorgeous.  The world is exquisitely crafted, you are pulled into this world and once it has you in its grasp it doesn’t let you go. There is a lot of superstition flowing among the characters in this book and not only does Melinda tell you the storied but she makes you believe in the superstitions yourself.

The ending of this book was fantastic, it was full of twist and turns some of which I saw coming and some that knocked me sideways!. I loved how the book wrapped up well and could be left as a standalone novel but could also open up into an epic series.

I only have one issue with this book. For me as a reader this issue alone lost this book its Five star potential.  INSTALOVE!

WHY OH WHY do authors do this to me. There is nothing more off putting to a pairing in a book to me than instalove.

I lose all interest in a character pairing when instalove becomes involved in the storyline. Instalove makes the character pairing feel very childish and I personally lose all interest in them developing as a couple.  In all honesty how can you love someone you met 100 pages ago.

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Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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