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Scarlet is the second instalment in the Lunar Chronicles – so needless to say if you have not read Cinder please do not read this review as it will contain Cinder spoilers.

While Cinder was a retelling of the Classic Cinderella story Scarlet is a fairy tale retelling of Little Red Riding hood.  Overall I enjoyed Scarlet a lot more than Cinder, I think the story arc was a lot better and the “Fairy Tale” aspect was in my opinion more complex and interesting, I felt like the author pushed the boat out more with this story and wasn’t afraid to take this story to the next level. The two stories intertwined perfectly and the character development of both Cinder and Scarlet was fantastic.

In a sense Scarlet picks up right where Cider left off only with an extra main character (Scarlet) thrown into the mix.

While Cinder is busying herself by breaking out of prison with her new ally Captain Thorne we are introduced to Scarlet an 18 year old girl from a small town in France who’s grandmother has gone missing.

Scarlet’s story is entirely based on the disappearance of her Grandmother, with the help of a street fighter called “wolf” scarlet is determined she will find her grandmother safe and well. However it turns out Wolf isn’t who she thinks he is and she must decide is he has trust worthy as she thinks he is.

Meanwhile Cinder has a new Ally Captain Thorne whom she unwittingly helped escape from prison, Thorne is definitely one of my favourite new characters his interactions with Cinder are hilarious and helped give the story some lightness when it really needed it.

I loved that we got Iko back in this book, the combination of Iko, Cinder and Thorne was fantastic in this book, all three characters gelled so well together and their personalities meshed perfectly. Some of my favourite scenes from this book were the interactions between these three characters.

The only reason this book lost its Five star rating is the same reason that most people lose their five star ratings from me and that was the “insta love” situation with got with Scarlet and Wolf, while I really liked Scarlet and Wolf as a couple the “insta love” once again ruined it for me.

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Miss Quinny Rating 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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