Room by Emma Donoghue


Room is an adult novel about abduction, sexual / mental / physical abuse and false imprisonment told from the perspective of a five year old boy called Jack.

To five-year-old Jack, Room is the entire world. It is where he was born and grew up; it’s where he lives with his Ma as they learn and read and eat and sleep and play. At night, his Ma shuts him safely in the wardrobe, where he is meant to be asleep when Old Nick visits.

Jack as a character can be frustrating but you sometimes have to remind yourself that you are reading this book from the POV of a five year old. You find yourself getting frustrated along with his “Ma” at Jacks unwillingness to accept certain changes, but again you have to take a step back and remember Jack is Five years old and he hasn’t known any different.

Jacks mum “Ma” was kidnapped when she was only 19 years old and has been kept captive in a small Room, being sexually, physically and mentally abused ever since.  If you are looking for a truly strong, motivational character you should look no further than “Ma”, her determination to keep her child safe and eventually escape her captor is phenomenal, even after 7 years in captivity she is still unwilling to give up. The bond she shares with Jack is beautifully written and you can feel the love radiating off them throughout the book.

This story is haunting its own unique way. The fact that we are being this story from the perspective of a five year old in theory shouldn’t work and when I originally read the premise for the book I didn’t think it would but in this case it just works.

Throughout the entire book you have a true understanding of “Ma’s” emotions, just through the mannerisms and expressions told through the eyes of a 5 year old child. It’s truly fascinating.

This is not a book for the faint hearted but I would highly recommend it.

Room is truly is heart breaking, emotionally draining and utterly fantastic.

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Miss Quinny Rating 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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