Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


This book has had a very mixed response with most people saying it was over hyped when it was originally released. I personally really enjoyed this book from start to finish, I thought the story was interesting, the world was unique and the characters were enjoyable.

Red Queen is set in a dystopian/fantasy world divided by Blood, those with Red blood and those with Silver. The Silvers are in a sense super human with an array of powers and strengths. The Reds are the commoners with no powers, living a life of poverty under the rule of the Silver bloods.

The main character “Mare” is a Red blood, she lives in poverty stealing from her fellow Reds just to get by.  One day a change meeting turns her life upside down, not only does she find herself working at the Silver palace but she finds she has something in common with the Silvers, Mare has her own “super power” and now she is living a lie as part of the evil Queens plot to keep her identity a secret.

Mare is fantastic she is kickass, quick witted and not afraid of upsetting people to get what she wants. She is an easy character to read and relate to. She isn’t perfect she makes mistakes and she isn’t afraid to admit when she is wrong.

The love story while a little predictable and contains the dreaded love triangle is actually quiet lovely and easy to read.

The basic plot of this book is very Hunger Games meets Throne of Glass with a sprinkle of Red Rising and Shatter me but the story its self is very enjoyable and worth reading in its own right.

Overall a fun read, defiantly worth picking up however not an epic book but has the potential.

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Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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