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Hey guys, welcome back to my new series called Quinn recommends.

In this series I am going to be recommending some of my favourite books/series from different genres. All the books I am going to be recommending will be books I personally feel don’t the attention or hype they deserve or they are relatively new releases that are only just starting to grow in popularity.

This week’s topic is YA Sci Fi / Post Apocalyptic


Under the Never Sky trilogy by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky is set in a post-apocalyptic world prone to energy storms, in this world there are few human survivors, of these few we are introduced to two very different ways of life.  The Dwellers who live within government controlled pods and the Outsiders who live out in the wasteland. When one of our main characters Aria is exiled from the safety of her Dweller home she find herself  with no choice but to form an alliance with Perry, an Outsider, in an effort to both save someone they love.

I have said this many times on my Instagram account (if you don’t follow me you should link bellow) that this trilogy is hands down one of my all time favourites.

I must warn you though you really have to put the effort in with the first half of book one, but once you get into this series it sucks you in and never lets you go.

The world building in these books is fantastic and you get the perfect mix of action, suspense, romance and betrayal.

The trilogy just gets better and better with each book and the final book in the trilogy Into the Still Blue is a work of art.

Reboot Duology by Amy Tintera


The tag line on the front of Reboot alone should draw you into this series.

“ 5 years ago I died…………….178 minutes later I woke up”

 Reboot follows Wren who died 5 years ago when she was shot three times in the chest, 178 minutes later she woke up as a Reboot. Reboots are stronger, faster, less emotional and heel faster than Human beings. The longer a Reboot is dead the more deadly they are when they Reboot, Wren was dead 178 minutes making her the most deadly Reboot in the republic of Texas.

Reboot has one of the most unique storylines I have read in a very long time. Reboots are a unique mixture of Robots and Zombies. The concept behind the characters dyeing then coming back to life as Reboots is fantastic and the way Amy Tintera describes the process is haunting and brilliantly done.

Both book one (Reboot) and Book two (Rebel) are fantastic fast reads, full of action, suspense and gore. You also get a lovely romance within the story that takes the usual Romantic formula and turns it onto its head.

I fell in love with this world, story and characters almost instantly and I can not recommend this Duology any higher.

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