Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns

Where to start with this book overall I really enjoyed Paper Towns, the story, the teenage adventure and the majority of the characters were great and fun.

However if I never hear the name Margo Roth Spielgelman again it will be too soon.

I spent the majority of this book thinking that Margo had committed suicide and in all honestly if she had this would have been a better ending to the story. In a nutshell Margo is a self centred, spoiled, immature little brat and the ending of this book proved it. She loves having all of the attention on her and loves the fact that everyone follows her around like love sick puppies and I just wanted to slap her. In my opinion her character spoiled the book and the story.

The good thing about this book is the teenage adventure, character interaction and the dialogue between the characters it was believable and easy to read.

While this book is not my Favorited John Green novel I do highly recommend this book, John Green as always did an amazing job at creating a captivating story and had Margo not been in this book or had the ending been better I would have given it a solid 5 stars.

Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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