New World: Rising by Jennifer Wilson

New World

Although set in a Dystopian society this is a story and world all of its own.

As with any story set in a Dystopian setting our main protagonist Phoenix has had more than her fair share of tragedies. She has spent the six years since her parents deaths looking out for Number one, she doesn’t trust anyone and relays on only herself. Her world is turned upside down when, in the spur of the moment she saves the life of a small girl. In this small act of selflessness she finds herself dragged into a world that she didn’t know existed, a group of people that in theory shouldn’t exist, a group of people outside of the so called “utopia” of The Sanctuary and outside of the five tribes that savage her world.

The world that Jennifer has created in this book is amazing, she has managed to take the “typical” Dystopian formula and turn it on its head. She has created a very gritty Dystopian world in which you  get answers to many of the questions you normally wouldn’t, while still managing to keep you guessing with a whole new set of questions. We hear what exactly happened to the world and rather than using a typical “war” solution we discover that the development of science had created a world in which the people that should have been dyeing were living and the world was becoming overcome with humans. In a unique play on the story we find out that an Armageddon/apocalypse took place and was seen as nature’s way of purging itself by destroying most of the world’s population with Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions and Oceans consuming continents whole.

I was initially worried that with this book being only 205 pages long it wouldn’t have enough time to lay down the foundations of a solid story, with enough depth, world building and character development to keep me interested. Incredibly thought this book does in those mere 205 pages what some books can’t do in 500, I finished this book dying for more but not feeling dissatisfied with the information and development I was given.

The main character Pheonix  is everything you can want and more in a female protagonist. She is independent, strong, intelligent and also willing to accept her need for love and affection.

Mouse, what can I say about Mouse. She is loveable loyal and I have to admit even I wanted to hold her and protect her.

Triven, while it was no surprise as to who his mother was and I had assumed he was the noise in the Library, I loved his character, he is strong willed, loving and a fantastic leader.

I have a very good feeling about this series and while I am not sure if this is going to be a duology, trilogy or a series ( I am quietly hoping for a series ) I cannot wait to see where the story goes and how the characters develop. This series is going to be a hit I can feel it.

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on New World: Ashes and I will be pre ordering it as soon as it becomes available.

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Miss Quinny Rating 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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