Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau

Book 2 in the Testing Trilogy


I originally read The Testing back in 2013 and while I didn’t hate the book I didn’t love it either, I have been going back and forth over continuing with this series since I finished the book. However just before Christmas I spotted the Kindle versions of Book 2 & Book 3 in the series where on sale for 0.99p each and I thought why not.

As with Book 1 Independent Study is very blah, there isn’t anything substantial happening in the story and to be brutally honest at times I felt like I was just re reading book 1 but in a different setting. The story is fun and fast passed but to be brutally honest has no substance.

The main character Cia is not relate-able in the slightest and she is always right.  She never gets anything wrong in either book, she doesn’t make a single mistake and she is far too perfect in every way. By the time I was halfway thought the book I was sick of her voice and her “perfectness”.

As with Book 1 I don’t hate this book in the slightest I just don’t Love it, I think the potential for a really good story is there, unfortunately I wasn’t achieved.

The Testing and Independent Study are a fast and easy dystopian read that you can fly through and don’t require much effort to read.

As with every book I read I highly recommend you pick up the series and try it for yourself because what I don’t like about this series you may love.

** You can pick up your own copy of The Testing and Independent Study HERE & HERE **

Miss Quinny Rating 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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