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The Host  by Stephenie Meyer 

The Host by Stephenie Meyer I have to be honest with everyone, I never jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon and to be honest I was always going to pass up on The Host due to the mixed reviews from the Twilight series. However I finally decided to take the plunge and pick up The Host based on the majority of reviews and overall good ratings on Goodreads.

The concept is really well thought out and extremely unique, the concept behind The host is fantastic and has I found the book to be timed perfectly and the story as a whole hooked me from page one. The development of the world in this book is fantastic. Stephenie Meyer does a fantastic job of developing the characters. The main characters especially, Wanda and Melanie are really likeable and I cared about both of them equally. I thoroughly enjoyed how they interacted with each other and how their relationship developed throughout the book.

The ending of the book for me was a little predictable but I did enjoy how it ended, it left me with a little hope without the cliché “happily ever after”.

My issue with this book and the main reason I just could not give this book 5 stars is the writing style, this book is advertised as “Adult fiction” yet I felt the writing was slightly juvenile when it came to the romance, during any romance related scene the characters became childish and extremely annoying. I also found the dialogue between the love interests overly dramatic and to be honest sappy. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy romance in a book but it has to be done right and for me the romance was a huge flop.

 Overall I did enjoy The Host it was a fun read but at the same time I didn’t love it like the majority.

Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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