Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau

The final book in the Testing Trilogy



Well another series draws to a close and I am going to be honest I can’t say I am going to miss this Trilogy.

I posted my review of the second book in this series only a couple of days ago you can read it HERE and I picked the Third book up as soon as my review was live. I did for one very simple reason if I didn’t pick it straight up I would never have picked it up and finished the series.

 I finished Graduation day in less than a couple of hours and while the story finally picked up in this book it was a little too late for me.

The book was extremely fast paced and I flew through the entire book in a few hours, however the story itself didn’t improve much and Cia became more annoyingly “perfect” throughout the book.

The story arc for the entire series started to fall apart when the characters started understanding why The Testing is the way it is.  None of it made sense, in fact I was more confused at the end of this book then I was at the beginning.

Also in what universe would the leader of a country would put a teenager in charge of an uprising, it just would not happen!.

All of this being said I just can’t find it in me to hate this Trilogy, I give credit where credit is due and the Trilogy as a whole is fun and fast paced. You could finish the entire trilogy in a weekend if you dedicated yourself to it.

The Testing trilogy as a whole was average with book one being the best in the series.

Miss Quinny Rating 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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