Deity by Jennifer L Armentrout

Deity is the third book in the Covenant series by Jennifer L Armentrout, I have a review on book one HERE and book two HERE if you would like to check them out.

Needless to say if you have not read book one Half blood, book two Pure or this book Deity please do not read any further as you will be spoiled.

Deity kicked off right where book 2 Pure finished, Alex has been taken back to the covenant is on “house arrest” (or would it be dorm arrest?) until she awakens on her 18th Birthday. Not only is she dealing with constant daimons attacks, Minister Telly ready to have her enslaved and the guilt she is carrying from killing the Pure Blood in self-defence and letting Aiden cover it up but also the crippling fear surrounding her awakening and the possibility of losing herself to Seth someone who she is starting to realise may not be who she thought he was. Her life literally could not get any more complicated.

This series just keeps getting better and better with each book and in my opinion Deity is the best book in the series so far. Unlike book one and two which were slightly predictable, Deity has so many unique plot twists and the story as a whole was significantly more unique and complex.  Jennifer has somehow managed to change a simply “good” series into one that is on its way to being a phenomenal series. In this book the story has really come into its own becoming so addictive that I have spent every spare minute reading.

Alex’s character development in this series is amazing, I have to admit in book one I wasn’t sold on her, I found her childish and for lack of a better word “bratty”. But her character has grown so much over the three books and nos looking back I can see why Jennifer did this with her character because watching her essentially grow up with each book makes her a realistic 17 / 18 year old not a plastic, perfect, unrealistically mature/immature character that can be found far too often in YA fiction.

As I have heard is the case with most of Jennifer L Armentrout’s books this series is heavy on the Romance but personally I really enjoyed it because she does it in such a way that the relationships don’t feel forced or cheesy. I really enjoyed the build up to the love scene in this book, it doesn’t patronise you in a sense by leaving you guessing as to what has happened but doesn’t go into graphic detail either, it leaves you well and truly swooned without feeling like you just read a chapter from fifty Shades of grey.

However there were a couple of small aspects of this book that prevented it from being a 5 star book in my opinion. One of them was Alex’s insistence on sacrificing herself ALL THE FREAKING TIME this self sacrifice trait really irritates me in a main character. Also small sections of dialogue came across as either unnecessary and or childish especially considering the age of the character that was speaking.

That being said the addictiveness of this story is undeniable,  this book took hold of me from page one and just refused to let me go until I finished it. I was left feeling completely satisfied by the story but begging for more with the ending.
My edition of this book actually came with the novella set in between Deity and Apollyon called Elixir which I am currently reading so keep your eyes out for a review coming soon!.

This series is so addictive I cannot wait to start on book four Apolloyon.

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Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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