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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

First things first I am really sorry that this post is late, unfortunately I some issues with my laptop and I lost my original review. So I had to not only get my Laptop fixed but also rewrite my entire review. So once again I am really sorry this post is late……Shall we get on with the review?

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This book tells the age old tale of forbidden love with a fantastic mythological twist.

Karou is your average 17 year old art student, she lives in Prague, attends a prestigious art school, hangs out with her awesome best friend and has a looser of an ex. However Karou has a secret, she is an errand girl for a demonic “wishmonger” named Brimstone.  Living between two worlds is difficult for Karou  as she has never felt like she belongs.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, the plot was fantastic, the pacing was perfection and the characters were extremely likeable.

Laini Taylor has created a fantastic fantasy story that you find yourself getting utterly lost in, she has managed to take cliché ideas such as the battle between angels and devils and forbidden love and turned them into something new and refreshing.

The only reason this book did not get 5 stars was I found that the story did fall a little flat in the middle and for around 50 pages I felt like the story dragged.  Luckily the book does pick back up and becomes amazing again.

If you enjoy fantasy books with a good does of romance thrown in I would highly recommend this book.

Miss Quinny Rating 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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