Cinder by Merissa Myer


I am not going to lie I was extremely worried going into this book, I have never ventured into fairytale retelling’s before Cinder and I had no idea what to expect.

I am so happy that I took the plunge and read this book, I never expected a retelling of Cinderella would draw me in and take me on such a crazy rollercoaster of a ride.

Cinder is set in the futuristic New Beijing, between the development of Cyborgs, Androids and a colony called Lunars now living on the Moon the world as we know it has changed dramatically beyond our wildest imagination.

Cinder is a cyborg. As far as she knows she was involved in a terrible accident as a child that killed her parents and resulted in her losing both her hand and her foot leading her to become a cyborg. At the tender age of 11 she is put through a gruelling operation to change her, she is then adopted by a caring new “father” unfortunately he dies shortly after her adoption leaving her in the care of her evil “mother” Adri who resents Cinders existence.

It took me a few days to get into this story and the main reason I struggled was because I worked out the “shock” ending almost instantly. The second Princess Selene was mentioned I knew she was going to be revealed as Cinder and to be honest that ruined the initial build-up of the story for me and this is the only reason this book lost its Five star rating.

Cinder is a very enjoyable protagonist, she is strong willed, independent and very relatable. She is an easy character to fall for and I found myself rooting for her almost instantly.

Prince Kia he definitely threw a spanner into the works (pun intended) I normally do not enjoy having a prince character as a love interest however Kia won me over almost instantly. He is charming, loyal and very likeable.

The story line with the Lunar’s and Queen Levana is fantastic, I love how we get a back story on how the Lunar’s came to be and how the Evil Queen rules her colony. Lavana is a easy character to hate the stories of how she has killed thousands of people, how she manipulates everyone around her and even supposedly killed the predeceasing Queen and the infant Heir to the thrown was brilliantly done.

Can I also point out the fantastic character that was Adri she was every part the perfect “evil stepmother / Adopted mother”.

The world building within this book was fantastic there are several scenes within Cinder that are visually fantastic. I do feel though that the world building within this book was only Meyer scratching the surface of an epic creation that will unravel throughout the series.

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Miss Quinny Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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