The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon  


The Bone Season has been classed as an ‘Adult’ book, but I personally think this book definitely has crossover appeal with the YA genre.

Even though this book is within the ‘Adult’ genre Samantha Shannon has done a fantastic job of not going over the top with the topics she has chosen to address, yes there is swearing and mentions of sexual encounters but she doesn’t make you want to cringe or feel uncomfortable.

I have to admit the very beginning of the book got a little confusing, we had a lot of information dumped on us in such a small amount of time. However once my initial confusion lessoned I simply could not put the book down.

The protagonist in this story is Paige, Paige lives in London in 2059  and is a dreamwalker an unusual type of Clairvoyant who could find herself arrested just for being alive. In Paige’s world there are two types of people: Clairvoyants and Amaurotics. Clairvoyants have been out-casted by society and treated like criminals forced to work within the criminal underworld of Scion London.

The story follows Paige as she is arrested and taken prisoner in Oxford a city that was erased from the map two centuries ago and is now controlled by a powerful, otherworldly race.

Warden is the love interest in this story, when the two characters initially met I have to admit I got nervous as I thought we would get the cliché relationship, but Samantha Shannon does an amazing  job of building the relationship and a level of trust between these characters slowly  and doesnt rush any feelings between the two.

One of my faviorate things about this book is the world building Samantha Shannon does a fantastic job of creating a crystal clear picture of this world in your head.

The Bone Season is a complex story and I think it does require a lot of patience from the reader however once everything falls into place it makes the time you put into the book extremely worthwhile.  The pacing of the book is fantastic and the story hits all the right marks to keep you hooked and wanting more.

I honestly can’t fault this book I want more and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book The Mime Order which is due for release in January 2015.

Miss Quinny Rating 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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