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I wanted to do something a little different today I wanted to help a fantastic Author spread the world about her amazing series that has recently been picked up by OfTomes publishing!

Jennifer Wilsons Amazing New World Series

I am so happy for Jennifer, she is a truly lovely lady who has created a phenomenal series that deserves more hype than it is currently getting. Books One and Two are being republished with new covers in 2016 with Book 1 New World: Rising being re released on the 5th January 2016!!!!

The New World series is amazing and although it is set in a Dystopian society that we see all to often in YA literature at the moment this is a story and world all of its own. The world that Jennifer has created in this book is amazing, she has managed to take the “typical” Dystopian formula and turn it on its head. Creating a very gritty and addictive Dystopian series.

I absolutely loved book one New World: Rising (Full Review HERE) and Book two New World: Ashes (Full Review HERE) and I would highly recommend you guys check out this absolutely amazing series when it is re releases this January! Pre orders can be made via Amazon – New World: Rising 

** Disclaimer – I was not asked by the author or the publishing company to write this post, I decided to do this post because I genuinely love this series and want more people to know about it **

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