Armada by Ernest Cline


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I really wanted to love this book, I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline last year and I fell in love with that book within the first pages however Armada left me feeling deflated and uninterested in what actually happened within the story.

Armada follows Zack a gamer who figures out that a video game he has been playing for years I actually real life, with an impending alien invasion it is up to the gamers of the world to help stop them. This premise alone left me excited and I needed this book in my life but unfortunately I was left disappointed.

The characters in this book are one of the main problems, they are boring and to be honest I didn’t care about any of them. There wasn’t enough time spent with each individual character for me to develop a bond or care about how their story ends.

Zack was just plain annoying and boring.

I felt the book was also full of useless information, why did I need to read in so much detail about old games and all the information about them? Why did I need to be given so much detail about the things loading on his screens. I got so over whelmed with the information dumping I got a headache.

The ending of this book was interesting and probably the most interesting and exciting aspect of this book but unfortunately it was too little too late to save my opinion of this book.

Overall this book was a big let down. Ernest Cline is such an amazing author and his debut book Ready Player One was a master piece and one of my top books of 2014.

I think somewhere along the line this book lost its way and got too wrapped up in complication information dumping rather than developing interesting characters and developing the plot line that had a world of potential.

Would I recommend this book to you guys? No I wouldn’t. Would I recommend Ernest Cline the author to you Hell Yes I would. Would I recommend Ready Player One to you? Hell Yes I would.

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Miss Quinny Rating 2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

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